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Remembering Davy Jones

March 1, 2012
Chiller Theatre, November 1, 2009

Left to right: Davy Jones, Joe Cook, & Pepper Paul at the Chiller Theatre convention, November 1, 2009.

I’m very saddened by the loss of Davy Jones. I can’t believe he’s gone. A couple of years ago, I had the chance to interview him over the phone. I met him a few weeks later and, on both occasions, he was such a nice man… very sincere. He didn’t act like a star. I was big fan of his music long before that and it only made me respect him all the more. RIP Davy. Thanks for giving me 30 minutes of your time… 30 minutes that I’ll always remember. – Joe Cook (2-29-12)

Listen: WVLT Remembers: Davy Jones, February 29, 2012. (A tribute special hosted by Joe Cook & Pepper Paul)


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